Tasting Night at Royal Catering is a big event. We set up large displays, offer a specialty drink station, pass hor d’oeuvres, and let you sample dinner and reception foods to your hearts content. We feel that the tasting of a caterers food is one of the wedding planning experiences that should not be missed and is as fun and important as the bridal shower or bachelor party; a catering tasting can be enjoyed by both the bride and groom equally, and it can be a calm and relaxing night in the middle of the hectic storm that planning a wedding can sometimes be. We would love to share that experience with you and make it as enjoyable as we can!

Our tastings are free to those who have paid a deposit on our services. For those shopping there is a $15 charge per person to attend the event, and up to $60 will be credited you if you end up booking with us. Basically four people can attend a tasting free if you end up using our service.

We know it’s important to taste a caterers food. What we think is even more important is to see the look of the display, quality of presentation, and attentiveness of staff. You can trust our reviews or you can come and see for yourself.